PAS facility in Hialeah Gardens is licensed by US CBP as a Foreign Trade Zone. (same as a US Port). This allows PAS to hold and handle imports of bonded shipments duty free for large volume Distributions and seamlessly transfer and load out exports to customers across the Caribbean on PO’s; (In our weekly LCL or FCL boxes). All within the same warehouse facility.

FTZ status allow for internal receiving, handling and export of all Bonded shipments.

PAS Group is staffed with Industry Professionals with considerable experience in handling complex shipments and Project cargo.

Some benefits that our customers enjoy through our FTZ are:

Simplified storage of goods without separation entries

Savings/Reductions in Merchandise Processing Fees.

Deferral of Import Duties

Possible Duty Elimination via Duty Drawback

Duty exemption on re-exports

Duty elimination on waste, scrap and yield loss

Clear and concise manipulation process

Flexible storage parameters

Relief from Inverted Tariffs

Ad Valorem Tax relief

Easy zone to zone transfers

Timely handling of Electronic CBO documents

Harbor Maintenance Fee (HMF) Quarterly Reporting

Provisions on damaged or non-conforming items.